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Test any Application
Desktop, Mobile, Enterprise and Cloud

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Xenon Features

<br />Test any Application

Test any Application

<br />Intelligent All Integrated Automation Framework

Intelligent All Integrated Automation Framework

<br />Accelerated Test SDLC

Accelerated Test SDLC

<br />Automated defect push

Automated defect push

<br />Intelligent Dashboard and<br /> Email Reporting

Intelligent Dashboard and
Email Reporting

<br />Smart Test Management

Smart Test Management

<br />Structured Test Data Management

Structured Test Data Management

<br />Test Accelerators for ERP & CRM

Test Accelerators for ERP & CRM

Xenon Integration

Xenon is built for business process testing for enterprise applications – it covers both manual testing and automation testing needs. It is an for end-to-end tool for web and non-web applications, including desktop based applications and diverse cloud based applications. It automates testing through the entire System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), right from managing test cases in a test management platform to raising a defect and providing a comprehensive test summary report. Xenon comes pre-integrated with a variety of tools and platforms and helps you accelerate your test SDLC. It’s the only testing tool set you will ever need.

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